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A Message from the President: Concerning the Shooting in Texas

Dear Members of the Emmanuel College Community,

Earlier today, we received news of the tragic school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas. As of this writing, 10 people are known to have died in the incident. At Emmanuel College, we pray for the families and friends of those killed and for all affected by this confounding act of gun violence.

This should be a season of celebration for students and educators across our country. Instead, we are confronted once again with appalling images of death and injury on a school campus. It is a reminder of the urgency with which we as a society must come together to understand, and address effectively, the ongoing epidemic of shootings in our schools and elsewhere.

Emmanuel College will continue to serve as a catalyst for real progress on this issue by providing an environment of civility, openness, diversity of opinion, and respect for facts. Meanwhile, I encourage all members of our community to advance the national dialogue on gun violence by raising their voices in the public square and at the ballot box.

Solutions to this vexing problem will come from creative, good-faith efforts and from a sense of common purpose, not only among public officials but within our culture. This is work in which all of us can, and must, play a part.

Sister Janet Eisner, SNDdeN

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